Selected samples of artistic production that have been exhibited and/or published in international refereed events/exhibitions/catalogues, which promote and support Graphic Design as a means of artistic expression and communication. The visual outcomes derive from conceptual study and design analysis and relate to the theoretical research conducted at the LGCRL Lab.


Mother Tongue

Papadima, A. (2015). Mother Tongue. 23 Posters / Culture of Seduction [the seduction of culture]. Nicosia, 44-45.


Mother tongue can be sweet, indulgent, passionate and persuasive. Most of all, it can be highly seductive. The poster is an intertextual representation of the familiar logotype “Chupa Chups”, alluding sweet memories of childhood. An analogy is formed: a lollipop “nested” in a child’s mouth is as intimate as mother tongue.

Peace of the soul

Papadima, A. (2015). Peace of the soul-visual poetry. 19 Posters for Peace. Nicosia, 32-33.


Peace of the untried soul

Vague recollection and nostalgic echo of a faded time

More fragile than the crystal laughter of a child that places his hopes in a future so carefree

so uncertain…


Peace of the soul emerges through a painful, liberating process: achieving truce with the echoes of the past and reconciling with the uncertainty of the future.

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