Selected samples of artistic production that have been exhibited and/or published in international refereed events/exhibitions/catalogues, which promote and support Graphic Design as a means of artistic expression and communication. The visual outcomes derive from conceptual study and design analysis and relate to the theoretical research conducted at the LGCRL Lab.


Aegean Sea – Exodus I, II, III

Papadima, A. (2016). Aegean Sea – Exodus I, II, III.


Visual comments on immigration crisis and the ceaseless drama that is being unfolded in the Aegean Sea in recent years. Posters refer both historically and conceptually to the Biblical Exodus for the search of the Promised Land. Posters combine visual and linguistic elements, which discuss the stalemate situation emphasized with enforced linear boundaries.


Papadima, A. (2016). Touché. Poster design for the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution 1917-2017. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1226448254079755/permalink/1310076715716908/

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